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If you want to grow in your dancing in a group setting and have the chance to perform on stage, consider joining our training and performance teams!

Teams are an excellent way to accelerate your growth and get private lesson level training while building strong new connections with your teammates. While teams require a higher level of commitment, you can expect to see massive growth in a short amount of time!

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Private lessonS

Private lessons can often be the key to taking your dancing to the next level! Our instructors will help to correct any common mistakes, build a solid dance foundation, and teach you new moves tailored to your needs.

Modern Dance Class

Private lessonS
with liz lira

Signing up for private Latin Dance lessons with Liz Lira provides you with the unique opportunity to practice under the queen of salsa dance herself!


Private lessonS
with llda staff

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Signing up for private Latin Dance lessons with a Liz Lira Dance Academy staff member provides you with the opportunity to train with instructors focusing on various styles from all around the world.

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Private studio rental

Are you an instructor and need a clean, functional space to teach? Our studio is a great choice to host any exercise or dance class. With plenty of parking your students will have no trouble making it to class. 

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*Please note that we are not able to offer studio rentals for childrens classes. There is a 24 hour $25 Cancellation Fee.