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Ladies Latin


Finally Feel Sexy, Confident and

Courageous On the Dance Floor!

Two days working together on dance, connection, technique, styling and mindset with 25 world champion Liz Lira.

This 2-day experience will rapidly accelerate your dance technique so that you can:


  • Improve your Styling

  • Become more creative, loose and fluid in your moves and how you carry yourself.

  • Master musicality so you can get in tune and feel the music

  • Become spicier and more feisty on the dance floor. (And in life!)

If you are serious about taking your dancing to the next level and want to improve connection in your relationships and tap into the power of your femininity. This is for you!

Saturday, April 10 3.30 - 7.30 pm

Sunday, April 11 1 - 5 pm

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