Liz's mission is use the power of Latin Dance to transform lives on and off the Dance Floor!


Liz Lira is a 25-time World Champion Latin Dancer, award-winning choreographer, Grammy’s featured artist, empowerment coach, and inspirational speaker, who's transformed millions of lives on and off the dance floor. She is also the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, The Life-Changing Power of Latin Dance.

Liz isn't only a champion, but a pioneer in the Latin Dance industry. She holds multiple World, European, and National championships, is a celebrity choreographer for Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and multiple Hollywood feature films. She's a recognizable personality on television and film, making appearances all over the world. 


What really sets Liz apart is her Liz Lira Method; an integrative and unique dance training program and process that combines Latin styling, ballet, and partnering dance technique with spirituality, connection, and empowerment. 


The Liz Lira Method is an integration of multiple dance styles combined with inspirational messaging, fitness, and stress reduction techniques. Admired by many for her warm and bubbly personality and exceptional dance and teaching skills, she’s become a mentor and favorite amongst dance students and professionals all over the world.  Liz instills confidence, connection, and positivity in all of her students; whether it’s live teaching at her Liz Lira Academy in Los Angeles, in her new online dance series, or leading workshops and events on the power of femininity and leadership through dance. She is truly a pioneer in the Latin dance world and an ongoing inspiration and trendsetter in her integration of dance and personal transformation.  

Henry Salazar is a professional traveling salsa dancer and the founder of The Artwork Dance Academy. He has been dancing for 8 years and has been exposed to various dance genres throughout his dancing career. Henry is currently sponsored by World Dance Apparel and has had the privilege of being a 2x World Latin Dance Cup Salsa Soloist Champion.


Michi Matsukura is a resident instructor at Liz Lira Dance Academy. She teaches beginner & Intermediate Salsa & Bachata classes at the Academy. Michi is a certified salsa instructor by Liz Lira Dance Academy. 

Her beginner & intermediate salsa classes are taught to follow the Liz Lira method, focusing on technicality and developing proper body movement in dance. 

Michi is also certified Cha Cha, Rumba, Mambo, Merengue, Samba, and West Coast Swing teacher. 

Michi is a fan favorite at Liz Lira Dance Academy. Beloved by her students, she is passionate about teaching and delivering her ultimate best instruction to keep our students coming back every week. Michi's passion for dance and uplifting spirit is why Liz Lira Dance Academy is proud to have her as an instructor. Her dedication towards growing as an instructor and charisma are why her students adore her. Michi was awarded the top teacher by Liz Lira Dance Academy in 2017. 


Michi’s certifications: 

Salsa by DVIDA International Dance Association, Liz Lira Dance Academy & Alien Ramirez Dance Academy Bachata by Alien Ramirez( Bachata world champion) Dance Academy International Cha Cha & Rumba by DVIDA International Dance Association Mambo, Merengue, Samba & West Coast Swing by Ballroom Dance Academy in Los Angeles 

Alina Golubchik is a professional Latin ballroom dancer and instructor. At the age of 18, Alina currently trains intensively 6 hours / 6 days a week and has since the age of 9. She has significant experience nationally and internationally and knows how to program a life where you can stay healthy, fit, and on track. Her competitive career as a Latin ballroom dancer has educated her well on the discipline of a top dancer. Alina has a strong awareness of how to train correctly to avoid injury, eat healthy and balanced meals, sustaining mentally healthy habits, etc. She believes dancing is a lifestyle and wants to share her experience, advice, and art with students who also love the beauty and feeling of dance. She can’t wait to inspire and motivate students that cross her path.


Orlan Mat is an American Dance Instructor and DJ. As a child, he moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco to live near his US military veteran grandfather. In his school years, Orlan attended the Disney Youth Dance program, where his love of dance was sparked. After studying international business in Europe, Orlan worked as a business administrator of US aid for African, Asian, and Eastern European countries, where he developed his cultural literacy. Now, he travels to live, love, and dance! In the last decade, Orlan has been featured in over 30 major dance festivals across North America and Europe, including all local SBKZ major dance festivals. He was also featured as a dance instructor, artist, and DJ in the largest dance cruise, Aventura Dance Cruise for several years. He helps LLDA as an instructor, assistant organizer and DJ for our social dance events. 


Being from LA, Orlan is partial to LA Style Salsa, but has trained under big-name legends in New York Style on2 and Cuban Casino Style Salsa such as Luis Vazquez, Erodys Borrero, Mouaze Konate, and the legendary Eddie Torres. In addition, over ten years Orlan has trained in Europe with the pioneers and founders of the NeoZouk and UrbanKiz styles. In Los Angles, Orlan pioneered the introduction of the fusion dance Modern Zouk NeoZouk-RnB, which he blended with Kizomba and Bachata styling. These became what is now known as  UrbanKiz and Bachata Sensual. He has been part of the annual initiative International Zouk Day since 2012, as well as teaching Kizomba Fusion. 


Orlan is an LA local who loves LA dance heritage Hiphop and RnB, which he has blended with Salsa, Bachata Fusion, Kizomba Fusion/UrbanKiz, and Modern Zouk (SBKZ). He shares his SBKZ dance knowledge during his summer outdoor meetup group SBKZ & Surf in Santa Monica Beach, with more robust teaching at Liz Lira Dance Academy. Come and experience “A blend of fresh grooves” at his dance workshops. 

JP was born in the beautiful city of Manizales, Colombia. At the early age of 13 he started his career in various sports activities such as Aerobic Sport and modern Dance. His professional career began at age 16 when he won major awards at national and international level disputing 6 national and 2 international titles.


He was the director and choreographer of the Dance Power Academy who won four straight national championships which was followed by their participation in the World Championships 2004, organized by the ANAC (Association of National Aerobic Championships)


JP Santana is a former educator of Zumba Fitness who was titled as Master Trainer. He certified more than 3,500 instructors across the United States and Mexico.


His passion for fitness lead to his appearance in various media sources such as: New York Times, Shape Magazine, Fox, KTLA, NBC, ABC, MSN, Univision, Telemundo, Caracol TV, Azteca America, FIT TV, and La W Radio Network among others.  


Devon Katrina is a Latin dance star and singer-songwriter. She has studied dance around the world for the past 15 years. Her love of Afro-Latin dance and music exemplified her unique style of dance fusion. She has danced in music videos for esteemed artists such as: CNCO, Jon Z, Pee Wee (from Cumbia Kings) Happy Singh, and Midnight sister. Devon traveled to Toronto, Canada with her partner Orlan Mat to perform their Kizomba/Zouk fusion choreography, and she premiered her debut single Gitana, at the Toronto Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa, festival. As an all-around musician Devon uses her unique ear to write and perform her fusion of Afro-Latin music from around the world.

Kere aka “Champagne Lafleur” is a professionally trained dancer and performer. Originally from the east coast, she has studied and trained in Virginia, New York City, at the University of Miami in Florida, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She has performed both nationally and internationally including Las Vegas, Mexico, Dubai, UAE and more.


Kere is the former Director of the Luna Magique Dance Company and has performed international dance styles with many Los Angeles Dance Companies. She has been teaching dance in the South bay and Los Angeles area for over 10 years.  


Kere has a Masters in Clinical Psychology and devotes her time to helping others through therapy and movement. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is pursuing her alternate route towards her dance therapist license. Kere passionately encourages all of her students to express themselves through movement and increase their self awareness and the connection between their body and mind.  Dance can be used as a medium to not only express oneself emotionally but to also explore and process one's emotions.