Liz's mission is use the power of Latin Dance to transform lives on and off the Dance Floor!

Liz Lira is a 25-time World Champion Latin Dancer, award-winning choreographer, Grammy’s featured artist, empowerment coach, and inspirational speaker, who's transformed millions of lives on and off the dance floor. She is also the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, The Life-Changing Power of Latin Dance.

What really sets Liz apart is her Liz Lira Method; an integrative and unique dance training program and process that combines Latin styling, ballet, and partnering dance technique with spirituality, connection, and empowerment. 

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Henry Salazar is a professional traveling salsa dancer and the founder of The Artwork Dance Academy. He has been dancing for 8 years and has been exposed to various dance genres throughout his dancing career. Henry is currently sponsored by World Dance Apparel and has had the privilege of being a 2x World Latin Dance Cup Salsa Soloist Champion.

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Zweli Barton is a Los Angeles based world champion dancer, professional choreographer, dance instructor and dance coach. He specializes in salsa and bachata, is crosstrained in a multitude of other styles and seeks to build a greater sense of community via dance. He eagerly wants to provide opportunities for individual growth both as a dancer and as a person. He can't wait to share his knowledge and learn from each and every student.






Alex Lima, a charismatic Brazilian dancer, is among the upper talents of the international Salsa and Brazilian dances scenes. Alex pioneered the field of mixing different dance styles, owing to his unique and innate gifts for musical interpretation. Combining a variety of dance styles (HipHop, House, Salsa, Samba, etc.), including footwork, musicality and interpretative skills, he has brilliantly developed a highly unique dance style. Sharing his talent and passion for dance, Alex has taken part in over 400 international dance events, as a teacher, performer and judge for dance competitions. He has taught and performed at the biggest club and most prestigious dance studios in the world.



Orlan Mat is an American Dance Instructor and DJ. In the last decade, Orlan has been featured in over 30 major dance festivals across North America and Europe, including all local SBKZ major dance festivals. 


Being from LA, Orlan is partial to LA Style Salsa, but has trained under big-name legends in New York Style on2 and Cuban Casino Style Salsa such as Luis Vazquez, Erodys Borrero, Mouaze Konate, and the legendary Eddie Torres. In Los Angles, Orlan pioneered the introduction of the fusion dance Modern Zouk NeoZouk-RnB, which he blended with Kizomba and Bachata styling. These became what is now known as  UrbanKiz and Bachata Sensual.



Devon Katrina is a Latin dance star and singer-songwriter. She has studied dance around the world for the past 15 years. Her love of Afro-Latin dance and music exemplified her unique style of dance fusion. She has danced in music videos for esteemed artists such as: CNCO, Jon Z, Pee Wee (from Cumbia Kings) Happy Singh, and Midnight sister. Devon traveled to Toronto, Canada with her partner Orlan Mat to perform their Kizomba/Zouk fusion choreography, and she premiered her debut single Gitana, at the Toronto Bachata, Kizomba, Salsa, festival. As an all-around musician Devon uses her unique ear to write and perform her fusion of Afro-Latin music from around the world.