Bachata is a popular style of dance originating from the Dominican Republic and is danced widely over the world. It is increasingly danced to faster music, adding more footwork, simple turns and rhythmic free-styling and with alternation between close (romantic) and open position. Our instructors will help you develop your skills with body styling, partner work, and techniques that are signature to this style of dance. 

In this 8 week series develop your skills learned from beginner bachata and grow as a dancer in this intermediate level course.  This level will teach you new footwork patterns and body styling techniques. Further understand how to develop partner connection and of leading or following techniques. You and your instructor will focus on developing your own technique as a man or woman on the dance floor. 

This series is designed for students who want to master the tools and techniques of what it takes to be fluid on the dance floor. You will learn new concepts of spins and turns helping to develop fluidity. This class is designed for the social dance experience. The focus is to build a stronger relationship between the music and partner as well as leading a following techniques. We place a strong emphasis on learning how to listen to the music to develop techniques to  make you a more confident dancer. 

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